Like running water from my hands

One foot onto the ice, I hold my breath and try to believe.
Can I look at you with different eyes, like the girl that I was, when I was 17?
The fallen empires, the shattered glass,
the wicked echos of my past.
I've seen it all before, that's why I'm asking.

Will you still be here tomorrow or will you leave in the dead of the night?
So your waves don't crash around me, I'm staying one step ahead of the tide.
Will you leave me lost in my shadows or will you pull me into your light?
Teach me how to be loved, teach me how to be loved.

Can I give myself just one more second chance and put my trust in love?
Please don't hurt me.
If I make myself like a feather in your hand and put my trust in love,
please don't hurt me.


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